Restorative Justice

Repairing the Harm

What is Restorative Justice?

Restorative Justice is a way of addressing crime or conflict that focuses on repairing harm. The goal is not to penalize, but to restore. It gives those affected by crime a key role in repairing the harm done.

  • Person harmed has a voice
  • Person who did harm is accountable
  • Community is involved
  • Damage of conflict is repaired
  • Person who did harm is re-integrated
  • Individual needs are met
  • Relationships are strengthened

With restorative justice, conflict and crime can be an opportunity to make our community stronger, by holding people accountable and involving those harmed in the process of healing.

The community can support people who are harmed, reinforce the standards of acceptable behaviour, and create a supportive environment for dialogue and healing.

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